What is Qigong?

Qigong treatment is a traditional method of healing through energy channeling. It is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training.

Qigong with Dr. Wang

Doctor Wang is a trained Qigong master using his understanding of this traditional energy work to treat patients at the clinic.

In this treatment, the doctor channels his own vital energy to the patient to help him restore the physical balance within his body. Among other things, this vital energy provides nutrients to the patient's blood and enriches his or her body with oxygen enhancing the patient's strength and ability to grow in vitality.

Want to learn Qigong?

Dr. Wang holds classes on Saturdays from 9am-11am
Location: University Heights Auditorium.
5031 University Way NE,
Seattle, WA 98105

For more information, call the clinic: 206.547.2435

Dr. Wang is a grand master of qigong
Dr. Wang practicing qigong
Dr. Wang practicing qigong
Dr. Wang practicing qigong
Dr. Wang Teaching qigong 1993
Dr. Wang qigong class 1997
Dr. Wang qigong class 2019
Dr. Wang qigong class 1995
Dr. Wang demonstrates the power of qigong
portrait of Dr. wang