About Dr. Wang O.M.D., L.Ac., EAMP

Dr. Wang has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and is recognized internationally as one of the worlds best physicians.

Dr. Wang taught as a professor at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China.

Dr. Wang uses acupuncture, herbs and Qi Gong in the traditions of Chinese medicine with a sensitivity & understanding of Western medicine.

Born in a family of imperial physicians, he is the sixth generation of prominent Chinese physicians.

Wang Family History

For six generations the Wang family has served as personal physicians to the Emperors and the Imperial Court in Beijing.

Dr. Xue Zhi Wang is the among the sixth generation of highly respected doctors in his family. Dr Xue-Zhi Wang is descended from the famous doctor, healer and Qi Gong master named Wang An Dao. During the Ming Dynasty Wang An Dao wrote many medical textbooks.

These treatments are so effective that medical students and doctors in China still study from and use them to treat their patients.

Ancestors of Dr. Wang

Dr Wang's ancestor Wang Lv.
Wang Lv lived during the Ming dynasty & served as physician to the Emperor and his family. Wang Lv was a very accomplished and famous artist. Wang Lv's artwork was honored with National Treasure status and is on display in the Beijing Gong Museum
Dr Wang's ancestor Qing Ren Wang.
Qing Ren Wang is a famous figure in Chinese Medical History. Qing Ren Wang developed the medicinal recipe to treat heart disease during the Qing dynasty. Medical schools still study the writings of Qing Ren Wang to this day.
Dr. Wang's Ancestor Wang Hu.
Wang Hu served as the Empress Ci Xi's personal physician during the Qing dynasty. Wang Hu developed the prescription for opium addiction
playing a major role in saving China from widespread addiction.
Dr. Wang is also an internationally renowned artist. Here is Dr. Xue-Zhi Wang posing with his Daughter Dr. Yan Wang outside of Dr. Xue-Zhi Wang's art show "The Chinese DaVinci".

Dr Wang demonstrating acupuncture technique 2020

Dr Wang teaching acupuncture

Dr. Wang and his students 2020

Dr Wang with famous writer Yang Zhao Lin & Famous Artist Wang Ke.

Dr Wang showing his work to the Washington Art Department Director.

Dr. Wang treats the Princess of Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who is also an avid collector of Dr. Wang's artwork.

Dr. Wang posing in front of one his many artworks on display in the personal home of President Xi Jinping.

Dr Wang attending Presidential banquet for the visit of President Xi Jinping. Seattle, WA (2015)

Art show in honor of Dr. Wang and his accomplishments in fine art. Hunan Province (2018).